TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 2-8-16

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We are excited to announce that we are about to release the first negotiations survey to FSI Flight Attendants. This first survey will be used to rank the issues that are most important to the FSI Flight Attendants for your Negotiators to address.

Since the beginning of this effort, your In-House Organizing Team has been in motion. They kicked this campaign off in July, and you went to a vote less than six months later. This effort required a great deal of organization, and you needed a team that worked together well in order to make it happen. Fortunately, you had a dedicated Organizing Team that valued communication and coordination in this process.

Now that we are ready to approach FSI Management to begin the contract negotiations process, time is (once again) of the essence. TWU International Vice-President, Thom McDaniel will be directing Negotiations. Thom McDaniel has extensive experience representing and negotiating for Flight Attendants. Your organizers, Nathan Keeling, Lorinda Hunter, Anayansi Bryson, and Daisy Chavez have offered their time to continue their commitment to your Union by joining the Negotiating Team that will bring your concerns to FSI and Atlas Air Management. Nathan and Daisy will be working closely with Thom at the table, and Lorinda and Anayansi have been named as Negotiating Team alternates. We received many offers of assistance as we move into the next phase of this process. But before we can start developing Committees or electing Shop Stewards, we must establish the process of Contract Negotiations.

Your Negotiating Team is in place for one purpose – to communicate the wishes of the TWU FSI Union Membership to Management during the process of contract negotiations. We will survey the Membership to determine our direction, and then we will do our best to arrive as closely to those results as possible. We will release general information as we achieve Tentative Agreements on individual articles of the Contract, but once we reach Tentative Agreements on every article, the entire text of your Tentative Contract will be released to all FSI Flight Attendants for review and ratification.

One of the biggest concerns we have heard since this process started concerns dues. To be clear – you do not have to pay dues until AFTER your contract is ratified. To reiterate – you are not expected to pay dues until after you have ratified your first contract with Flight Services International.

After your Contract is accepted and ratified through an election and your Local chapter receives a charter from the International, the new Local union will hold nominations and elections for all available positions. These include positions like President, Vice President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Shop Stewards, and any other positions deemed necessary. There will also be opportunities for you to participate on Union Committees.

To ensure you receive the contract negotiations surveys as soon as they are released, please update your contact information as soon as possible. You can update your information directly by clicking here. Once your information is updated, there will be several options available for sharing the contact update form. Please share it with all of your FSI Flight Attendant friends!

Thanks for all of your support, and keep an eye on your email for the next steps! We must stay UNITED to bargain with STRENGTH!

In Solidarity,
Steve Roberts
TWU Organizing Director