TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 3-13-16

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Thank you for your participation in our recent survey. We had a great response, and your input will be very helpful in formulating our proposals as we enter negotiations. We would like to apologize for what may appear to be a lapse in communication recently. To be very honest, we have been working to prepare for negotiations and were hoping to have more news for you by now, but we will share what we have.

On February 17, Transport Workers Union (TWU) Organizing Director Steve Roberts and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel met with Flight Services International (FSI) President Joni Ffrench and FSI Director of Human Resources Tonia Hallon in Miami. During the meeting, our TWU advisors made several requests for information, including a request to use email addresses to communicate more effectively with FSI Flight Attendants and a request to excuse Negotiating Team Members from flying so they could to attend negotiating sessions. Joni Ffrench requested that the requests be made in writing, which the TWU did the following day.

Joni Ffrench responded the following day and stated that FSI would provide the requested information regarding Flight Attendant work rules, benefits, company policies, and salary information after receiving a signed confidentiality agreement from the TWU. The request for trip removal for NC Members was denied, however the Company stated they would attempt to rearrange the members’ schedules if they could not bid for the needed time off. Of the six sets of proposed dates, only the last one (April 20, 21, and 22) was acceptable to FSI Management. The request to use e-mail addresses was also denied.

Thom McDaniel immediately provided the confidentiality agreement and all additional desired documentation. We also requested additional negotiating dates, since we are anxious to get to the table. We received a response from Joni French yesterday that they would be bringing additional people to the table who would not be available until the week of April 18. We are disappointed that we are not able to start sooner, however we will use to the time to continue preparing for negotiations and building our Union. We will be requesting additional dates as soon as possible to insure that negotiations progress without additional delay.

Members of our Negotiating Committee met yesterday to review the survey results and to discuss strategy and opening proposals. We will continue to provide you with updated information, but we are only able to reach out to people who have provided us with current e-mail addresses. Please make sure to update your contact information, and when your update is complete, you have the option to share the update form with your co-workers. Please forward this to all your FSI Flight Attendant flying partners, and do not hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions you have.