Announcing the New, Improved

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We wanted to announce the launch of the new website for all FSI Flight Attendants and Pursers. The original page was designed as a place to stop for specific organizing information, but as we move into negotiations, it’s important we have a site that is geared to disseminating information as efficiently as possible.

We created the current website to be scalable. That means that as we grow and our needs increase, the website can expand to meet our demand. The site is also designed to be responsive – it is built to be as effective on your desktop and laptop computers as it is on your smartphones and tablets. In addition to sending you e-mails, all communications will be posted to the website, and future messages will be available in an archive.

We have tried to foresee as many technical issues as possible, but if you run into any problems with the site, please reply to this message, or use the contact form to send us an alert.