Opening Statement

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On April 20, 2015, the Flight Attendants of Flight Services International, represented by the Transport Workers Union, opened negotiations with Management. Our opening statement is as follows:

We are here to negotiate a historic first contract between Flight Services International (FSI) and the Transport Workers Union (TWU), representing the FSI Flight Attendants. The Flight Attendant position at FSI was not established, in the usual way, as an original component of a commercial airline; however, with the addition of passenger service for a historically cargo airline, it has become an important and valuable part of our business model that will create additional opportunities for the future. We are safety, security, and customer service professionals. Our Flight Attendants recognize the role we play serving as the face of the airlines we serve and the contributions we make to the ongoing success of FSI.

With the election to form our own Union with TWU, it is not our goal to curtail the expansion, success, or operation of our Company. Our only goal is to provide a voice in the workplace to ensure that we have industry-standard work rules, benefits, and compensation that we deserve as safety and security professionals. Simply put, we provide a quality flight experience for our customers that justify the fares that they pay. As such, we deserve consideration for quality of life issues and compensation that reflect these services we provide that contribute to FSI’s success.

As we begin these negotiations, it is important for Management to know that we receive our marching orders from our Flight Attendant Members, and we will be negotiating for them. We look forward to having meaningful discussions about our quality of life, flexibility, productivity, pay and benefits, and finding “win-win” solutions that will benefit both our Members and our Company, who needs dedicated and happy employees.

We recognize that FSI represents a different business model than traditional airlines; however, the Flight Attendant profession is primarily the same. We understand the need to work within the structure of our clients; however, we will also be seeking industry-standard work rules, flexibility, productivity, benefits, and compensation that all professional Flight Attendants deserve – no more and no less.

Today, and each day moving forward, our goal is to establish a foundation and continue building a healthy and trustworthy relationship that will lead to an agreement that provides our Members the quality of life they deserve while allowing the Company the flexibility and productivity they need to provide a worthwhile asset for our clients. Through these negotiations, we hope to build a culture of collaboration that results in a successful agreement. We will negotiate reasonably and respectfully, and we ask that FSI to do the same.

On behalf of all our members we are ready to get to work.