NC Update & Town Hall Meeting Announcement

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Your TWU FSI Negotiating Committee (NC) has just concluded our second negotiating session with FSI Management. FSI Flight Attendants Nathan Keeling, Rachael Hawkins, Lorinda Hunter (day one only), and TWU International Vice President and FSI Advisor Thom McDaniel represented your Union. FSI President Joni Ffrench and attorney Ellen Ham from Ford and Harrison, LLP negotiated for FSI Management.

We are pleased that we were able to reach Tentative Agreements on the following three items:

  • Non-Discrimination
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Savings Clause

We also finalized and signed a Protocol Agreement establishing ground rules for future Negotiating Sessions.

We held additional discussions on the proposal for “Uniforms” that was presented at our last session. Your Union’s NC presented two additional articles on “Grievance Procedures” and “System Board of Adjustment” that would provide due process for FSI Flight Attendants regarding disciplinary and contractual matters. FSI Management stated they will respond to the proposals via email by July 22, 2016. We also proposed additional dates for future sessions, and we are awaiting a response from Management.

Your Negotiating Committee held a conference call with the NC Members who were unable to attend the session. Dirk Stewart and Britney Todd attended by phone. Unfortunately, Daisy Chavez was flying and was unable to attend. During the conference call, we discussed some exciting proposed changes for our Union. We will be creating additional services on our website and establishing some volunteer opportunities available to our entire Membership. We will also be publishing an additional survey to further establish our stance in negotiations. We also want to give you a “heads up” for a future event.

Your NC will be holding a virtual, “TWU FSI Membership Town Hall” conference call on Sunday, July 10 at 3:00 P.M., CDT. This call is open to all FSI Flight Attendants and Pursers. Members will be able to submit questions in advance at our website. Those in attendance may also ask their questions to the NC Members and TWU Advisors live on the call. Please make plans to attend.

Thank you for your continued support as we move towards our historic first contract. An informed and involved Membership is the key to our success. If you have any questions, comments, or if you need assistance, please contact your union at Also, please pass this email on to any other FSI Flight Attendants you fly with and encourage them to submit their contact information, so that they can receive the most updated and accurate information concerning our Company and our Union.