TWU FSI Negotiation Updates – 11-22-2016

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Your Negotiating Team completed a three-day session with FSI Management last week. In addition to NT Member Nathan Keeling and TWU International Vice President and Advisor Thom McDaniel, we were pleased to welcome NT Members Brittney Todd and Mary Funches to the table. Joni Ffrench and the attorney from Ford and Harrison, Ellen Ham, attended on FSI’s behalf.

During the session, your Union and the Company reached one Tentative Agreement on “Medical Examinations” and discussed “Furlough and Recall.” Your Union also presented proposals to the Company on “Hours of Service” (which pertains to the length of our duty day and our rest periods) and “Attendance Policy.” At our next meeting, on December 12th through the 13th, the Company stated they would have counterproposals for the two new articles in addition to “Seniority” which is also still an open article. The Union plans to respond with counterproposals for “Furlough and Recall” and “Hostage, Internment, and Prisoner of War.” Other open items that are on the table are “Vacation” and Uniforms.”

After believing we had reached a Tentative Agreement on “Probation” (that hadn’t been signed yet) at a previous meeting, we were disappointed that the Company made a proposal on “Seniority” that conflicted with the “Probation” article they had previously proposed, and we had accepted. This means we no longer have a Tentative Agreement on “Probation.” This is a highly unusual event in negotiations and we are doing everything we can to correct it, but it does highlight the real reason we why we are fighting for a contract – we must have everything in writing.

We have agreed to one additional negotiation session January 16th through the 18th, and we are also discussing two other potential dates. While first contracts can sometimes take a longer time to negotiate, the slow progress we have been facing in this one has been disappointing, so we are requesting that the Company agree to additional dates.

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