TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 11-20-2017

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On November 9th, your TWU FSI Negotiating Team completed a three-day negotiating session with FSI Management. FSI Flight Attendants Brittney Todd, Joshua Marcy, and Rob O’Neill attended for TWU. Abel Lorenzo was working and was unable to attend. FSI management were represented by Ford Harrison Attorney Ellen Ham and FSI Contractor Jackie Stulting. Joanie Ffrench did not attend.

Several issues and proposals were exchanged on the topics of Sick Leave, Scheduling, Missing and Internment, and Hours of Service. While no tentative agreements were reached, we did make some progress. We also scheduled two additional negotiating sessions for December 18-20 and for January 22-24.

Currently, we have reached Tentative Agreements on several sections of the Contract, but there are several that are still open. Some of the articles that are currently open are complete except for economic issues. We will soon launch a survey to receive your input on economic issues. We are excited about entering this new phase in negotiations for our historic first contract. You can view the current status of our agreement by clicking here.

Last week, we also held a Telephone Town Hall that was recorded. We have a link to the audio posted on the TWU FSI Website.

As we go into the holiday season, please fly safely. If you have any issues or situations that you believe your Union can assist with, please please complete the TWU FSI Reporting Form. The information you submit is helpful in drafting our proposals and addressing issues, so please spread the word. If you fly with any new hires, please add their email addresses or send them to the TWU FSI Contact page so they can receive the updated and accurate Union information.