TWU FSI Negotiation Update – April 4, 2018

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Your TWU/FSI Negotiating Team met FSI Management for a three-day negotiating session on March 26th through the 28th. FSI Negotiators Brittney Todd, Rob O’Neill, Joshua March, and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel represented your Union. Jackie Stulting and Ford Harrison Attorney Ellen Ham attended on behalf of FSI.

The Union and Management continued their discussions Scheduling and Scope. In addition, as promised, your TWU Negotiating Team introduced an economic package including Compensation, Expenses, and updated proposals on Vacation and Sick Leave. FSI Management refused to compromise on these important issues to our Flight Attendants. As a result, no tentative agreements were reached on these items. Management stated to your Negotiating Team that they would email counter-proposals prior to the start of the next session, which is scheduled for April 18th and 19th.

We also discussed the misinterpretation of the current PLOA language in the FSI work rules. It has been alleged that PLOAs have been discontinued due to negotiations. This is not true. PLOAs have NOT been discontinued, but we have heard that some Flight Attendants who took PLOAs were not compensated correctly. Management stated they will discuss the matter and respond to the Union. We will let you know when the matter is resolved, or we will communicate the next steps we will be take to ensure our Members are being compensated correctly.

Entering economic discussions is a very important step for our FSI Flight Attendants. Please ensure that everyone you fly with, especially our New Hires, has submitted or updated their contact information at