FSI Flight Attendant Election and Campaign Rules

This document sets out the rules for the election process for forming the inaugural election of Officers for you, Local 578. This is another key milestone, whereby each of you will have the opportunity to nominate or run for positions of leadership amongst your peers. This includes nominating yourself for an Officer position. Please review the notice on the website, and note that nominations will open in 10 days – on October 17, 2022 at 9 am Central.

All of you should be proud and participate in the election of your Officers, who will be your leadership team over the next three years. As an autonomous Local of the Transport Workers Union of America, your leaders will be responsible for the administration of the contract and the business of running the Local on your behalf. This will no doubt be an important undertaking for them, but TWU International will be there providing continued support and guidance to your leadership team.

Download the FSI Flight Attendant Election and Campaign Rules here