Assault Won’t Fly – Stop Flight Attendant Assaults Now!

Hi Fellow FSI Flight Attendant,

Today marks one year since a judge struck down the federal mask mandate on airplanes, and yet, flight crews report new attacks by unruly passengers every single day. While these are not problems we face on our military flights, in a recent TWU survey, over HALF of TWU Flight Attendants from Southwest, JetBlue, and Allegiant said they experienced or observed harassment or assault while working in the past year.  

We continue to see the attacks against flight attendants in the media every day and not a single passenger who assaulted a ground service worker has been prosecuted under federal law—it’s unacceptable. Airlines are responsible for ensuring workers and customers are safe while traveling, which is why the TWU is calling for the passage of the Protection from Abusive Passengers Act and we can help. Tell your Senators and Representative to protect airline workers from assault NOW.

We know that attacks on airline workers won’t stop until there are real policies in place to hold unruly passengers accountable for their actions. The Protection from Abusive Passengers Act will safeguard airline crew members and customers by creating a national banned passenger list preventing air travel for passengers convicted of assault, abuse, and unruly behavior in our national airspace.  

We need every TWU flight attendant to stand up for their fellow workers and protect them from passenger abuse. Send a letter to your elected officials today and tell them to support the Protection from Abusive Passengers Act!

Our goal is to ensure that every airline worker and passenger is safe from assault, abuse, and unruly behavior while traveling. We need Congress to pass the Protection from Abusive Passengers Act immediately.

As one union, we’ll send a clear message to passengers: assault won’t fly.

In solidarity,

Sharolyn Stanley

TWU Local 578 President

PS: Check out the Assault Won’t Fly website to see how the TWU protects airline workers.