Negotiations Updates

  • TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 11-20-2017

    On November 9th, your TWU FSI Negotiating Team completed a three-day negotiating session with FSI Management. FSI Flight Attendants Brittney Todd, Joshua Marcy, and Rob O’Neill attended for TWU. Abel Lorenzo was working and was unable to attend. FSI management were represented by Ford Harrison Attorney Ellen Ham and FSI Contractor Jackie Stulting. Joanie Ffrench did not attend.

    Several issues and proposals were exchanged on the topics of Sick Leave, Scheduling, Missing and Internment, and Hours of Service. While no tentative agreements were reached, we did make some progress. We also scheduled two additional negotiating sessions for December 18-20 and for January 22-24.

    Currently, we have reached Tentative Agreements on several sections of the Contract, but there are several that are still open. Some of the articles that are currently open are complete except for economic issues. We will soon launch a survey to receive your input on economic issues. We are excited about entering this new phase in negotiations for our historic first contract. You can view the current status of our agreement by clicking here.

    Last week, we also held a Telephone Town Hall that was recorded. We have a link to the audio posted on the TWU FSI Website.

    As we go into the holiday season, please fly safely. If you have any issues or situations that you believe your Union can assist with, please please complete the TWU FSI Reporting Form. The information you submit is helpful in drafting our proposals and addressing issues, so please spread the word. If you fly with any new hires, please add their email addresses or send them to the TWU FSI Contact page so they can receive the updated and accurate Union information.

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  • TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 3-10-2016

    Your TWU Negotiating Team met with FSI Management on February 28th through March 2nd to continue negotiations on our historic first contract. In attendance for TWU were TWU FSI Negotiators Nathan Keeling and Brittney Todd and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel. Mary Funches and Lorinda Hunter were unable to attend. Appearing for FSI Management were Jackie Stulting and outside counsel FordHarrison attorney Ellen Ham. Joni Ffrench did not attend.

    We are pleased to announce that we finalized Tentative Agreements on two additional sections: “Seniority” and “Furlough/Recall.” We also held in-depth discussions on “Hours of Service” and introduced a new section on “Reserve.” The current status of the topics we are negotiating is as follows:

    Tentative Agreements:

    • Non-Discrimination
    • Leaves of Absence
    • Savings Clause
    • Grievance
    • Board of Adjustment
    • Seniority
    • Furlough/Recall


    • Uniforms
    • Hours of Service
    • Attendance Policy
    • Benefits
    • Hostage, Internment, and Prisoner of War
    • Vacations
    • Home-Basing
    • Reserve

    Our next negotiation session with FSI will be March 29th through the 31st.

    One of the reasons our Flight Attendants voted for Union representation with the TWU is to ensure that we have fair, reasonable, and consistent work rules. Your Negotiating Team is working on proposals for two sections, and we are asking our Flight Attendants for feedback on these two important items. FSI Management has taken the position that an Attendance Policy is not something they want included in our future contract. Based on our past experience, failure to address this important issue would allow management to make subjective decisions and arbitrary changes at their sole discretion. In addition, we made a proposal on Home Airport Travel; another issue which we believe is a cost-saving item for our Company and a top priority for our Flight Attendants. FSI Management’s response to this proposal was that they have “no interest” in home basing.

    We understand that we get our “marching orders” from our Members, so we are asking for your feedback on these two items with a short survey that will help us prioritize these issues as we move ahead. The survey will be released on Monday and will remain open for 10 days. Please encourage all FSI Flight Attendants to participate.

    Your Negotiating Committee has received concerns that our Flight Attendants are not being paid correctly for “Hostile Area Operations Pay.” We reached out to Joni Ffrench, the President of Flight Services International, and she provided the following response:

    “Section (f) of the FSI Handbook states Above Normal Monthly Pay

    The following premium Hourly Flying Credits will be added to the Normal Monthly Pay earned above:

    (f)  Hostile Area Operations Pay—based on an additional 50% premium for all block hours flown on segments into or out of an Atlas Air, Inc. designated Hostile Area.

    In October of 2016, Atlas begin flying into Turkey, which it designated a “Hostile Area.” All crews flying into/out of Turkey have received hostile area operations pay as part of their “above guarantee” pay since that time. We do not break it out separately in the “above guarantee” line on their paycheck, since it is not contemplated that these flights will be included as part of a regular Atlas rotation, but is certainly easy enough for employees to calculate. If anyone has a question about whether they did receive the premium, they can contact Karen Sims and she will audit for them.”

    We currently have four FSI Flight Attendants who have been trained to act as Union Representatives and a few more who are waiting to be trained. If you would like to act as a Union Representative for Flight Attendants who are called in for meetings with Management, please submit your contact information <LINK> and we will set up a training date.

    We will be holding a telephone “Town Hall” call on March 30 at 1:00 P.M. (CDT). Please make plans to call in and participate. If you have any questions you would like answered, please submit them in advance, or you can ask them live on the call.

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  • TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 01-20-2017

    Happy New Year!

    We have just completed a two-day negotiating session held January 16th through 17th with Flight Services International (FSI) Management. FSI Flight Attendants Mary Funches, Nathan Keeling, and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel represented your Union. FSI was represented by Joni Ffrench and Ford & Harrison Attorney Ellen Ham. Your other two Negotiators, Lorinda Hunter and Brittney Todd were flying and unable to attend.

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  • TWU FSI Negotiation Updates – 11-22-2016

    Your Negotiating Team completed a three-day session with FSI Management last week. In addition to NT Member Nathan Keeling and TWU International Vice President and Advisor Thom McDaniel, we were pleased to welcome NT Members Brittney Todd and Mary Funches to the table. Joni Ffrench and the attorney from Ford and Harrison, Ellen Ham, attended on FSI’s behalf.

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  • NC Update & Town Hall Meeting Announcement

    Your TWU FSI Negotiating Committee (NC) has just concluded our second negotiating session with FSI Management. FSI Flight Attendants Nathan Keeling, Rachael Hawkins, Lorinda Hunter (day one only), and TWU International Vice President and FSI Advisor Thom McDaniel represented your Union. FSI President Joni Ffrench and attorney Ellen Ham from Ford and Harrison, LLP negotiated for FSI Management.

    We are pleased that we were able to reach Tentative Agreements on the following three items:

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  • Congratulations to Your Newest Negotiating Committee Representatives!

    Please join us in congratulating the newest members of your TWU FSI Negotiating Committee. Your choices (in alphabetical order by last name) are:

    • Rachael Hawkins
    • Dirk Stewart
    • Brittney Todd
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  • Negotiating Committee Update – 4/26/2016

    We are pleased to announce that we have completed our first 3-day negotiating session with Flight Services International (FSI) Management. FSI Flight Attendants Nathan Keeling, Daisy Chavez, Lorinda Hunter, and TWU International Vice President Thom McDaniel were at the bargaining table for the Transport Workers Union (TWU).

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  • Opening Statement

    On April 20, 2015, the Flight Attendants of Flight Services International, represented by the Transport Workers Union, opened negotiations with Management. Our opening statement is as follows:

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  • TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 3-13-16

    Thank you for your participation in our recent survey. We had a great response, and your input will be very helpful in formulating our proposals as we enter negotiations. We would like to apologize for what may appear to be a lapse in communication recently. To be very honest, we have been working to prepare for negotiations and were hoping to have more news for you by now, but we will share what we have.

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  • TWU FSI Negotiations Update – 2-8-16

    We are excited to announce that we are about to release the first negotiations survey to FSI Flight Attendants. This first survey will be used to rank the issues that are most important to the FSI Flight Attendants for your Negotiators to address.

    Since the beginning of this effort, your In-House Organizing Team has been in motion. They kicked this campaign off in July, and you went to a vote less than six months later. This effort required a great deal of organization, and you needed a team that worked together well in order to make it happen. Fortunately, you had a dedicated Organizing Team that valued communication and coordination in this process.

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