Negotiation Q & As

When do we start paying dues?


How long will contract negotiations take?


Is the negotiating team exploring home basing and jumpseating on Atlas Air and offline carriers?

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Can Atlas Air nullify their contract with FSI and/or sell the Flight Attendant contract to Atlas Air during contract negotiations (or once a contract is settled)? Would it be a better use of time and resources to negotiate directly with Atlas Air?


Why did you start negotiations with uniforms? Aren’t there more important things to address?


What has the tone at the table been?


What is the order of priority for the various things we want to address. Where do we see this list? How long do you discuss particular issues?


Are we allowed to have a Union Rep in disciplinary meetings?


How do you plan on enforcing FSI contractual provisions that are contradicted by the Atlas Air Cabin Crew Policy Guide?


Can we wear TWU pins to show our support?


How can we best address the apparent violation of FARs by scheduling? Is the NC doing anything about the length of our duty day in negotiations?


When will we negotiate about pay? I am hearing of more and more cancellation of trips on our bidlines. Are we negotiating pay protection?


Many of us who have consistently been used on our volunteer days off, over the last four or five years, are now going unused. Will the negotiating team take this into consideration when compensation talks begin? It will take a significantly higher hourly rate to offset the loss in day off premium, additional credit rig, and additional per diem that we've grown accustomed to. Is FSI overhiring to drive us out?


Does FSI or Atlas have a contract guaranteeing us things such as "Business Class" or better seating for deadheads, which we are not receiving. How can we confirm the benefits we are supposed to receive from third-party contracts are being upheld?