FSI Flight Attendant Local 578 Created / Officer Elections Planned

Congratulations! We have received a large majority of Membership Applications and dues checkoff forms and the TWU has granted a charter for FSI Flight Attendants to have your own Local Union. FSI Flight Attendants will now be represented by TWU Local 578.

The next important step in establishing your Local is to hold an election for FSI Flight Attendants who are Members in good standing to run for Officer positions to lead your Local Union. During the month of February, we will be allowing the remainder of FSI Flight Attendants to sign up and pay any back dues owed, so they will be in good standing to nominate, run for office and vote in the upcoming election. The deadline for signing up will be February 28, 2022, so please encourage everyone you fly with to fill out their Membership Applications and Dues Check-Off forms electronically as soon as possible.

Nominations and elections will be conducted by a professional and neutral election company and will take place in March and April. Further information on eligibility, nominations, and voting will be provided soon.

Until elections are completed and Officers are trained, I will continue to represent you and assist with any questions about contract violations, disciplinary actions, or investigatory meetings. If you have any questions about the Election Committee, upcoming Officer elections, or any other matters, please email me at tmcdaniel@twu.org.

This is an important time in the future of your new Local Union. Please consider stepping up to serve as a Union Officer.

In Solidarity,

Thom McDaniel
TWU International Vice President