Local 578 Update and Contractual Protections

I am happy to report that we are completing final details to insure that all Members have updated their standing and will soon be releasing information about upcoming Union Officers for your new Union, TWU Local 578.  We have created a deadline of March 31 for Members to sign Membership Applications and Dues-Checkoff forms as well as pay any back dues.  After that deadline, the TWU will begin the process of nominations and election of Officers.

Until Local leadership has been elected, I will continue to handle grievance procedures as I have since the ratification of the contract.  If you are contacted by FSI Management for an investigatory meeting or a meeting that could lead to disciplinary action, please request a Union Representative as soon as possible.  This includes attendance reviews.  Remember, under the Contract, the Company cannot discriminate against you for requesting union representation. It is your right, and you should not attend a meeting with Management without the protection you deserve.

We have filed several grievances that involve alleged violations of the Contract recently.  Some are individual and some cover the entire work group.  If you feel that the Contract has been violated or you have any questions, please notify your Union as soon as possible through  the website.  There are time frames in the CBA that we must abide by for filing grievances, so the sooner you notify us, the sooner we can try to resolve the situation.

Thank you for your continued support and stay tuned for information concerning your first Union election.

In Solidarity,

Thom McDaniel

TWU International Vice President